Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Communications involving the people monitoring me in private etc. are all too often of an unwanted quality in this already dejected life.

They got so self-righteous, uncaring, selfish, out-of-control, and authoritarian, that they showed a European Late Baby Boomer lady I'm supposedly supposed to have a relationship with hurting me following them, like putting down a tube into green boiling liquid, like it didn't matter and there's some explanation in the end, as usual.  I was just thinking about it, so they wasted my time to have to post about their echoing my thoughts again just for something to do.  It seems someone thinks I'm worthless, so they decided to use that as an excuse.

They acted like I'm in a cage and they just casually said in their current popular mood, "No, too bad," and left like it was nothing.

They are trying to make me deal with something like a problem a lot and make it not go away.

They were taken aback because I have a range of moods for a range of situations.  So, they did it again.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Edited Post


The people monitoring me in private, after some people said something questionable, randomly tapped in like I'm nothing and interrupted me, like I've done something by posting my problems here yesterday, and now it's hard for me to focus on something.

I'm already very miserable and feel so bad emotionally and psychologically.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

It looks like they messed up my life, and honestly who wants people who do ruin my life?